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b i z z o g r ap h y

It all started from small-town named Sonada, Darjeeling with love for travelling and storytelling. Photography started as a hobby, passionately pursuing to later become a fulltime profession.

Bizzography, an award-winning Darjeeling based wedding photographer provides the truest essence of the wedding and capture the moments you want or for those enthusiasts who are into fashion and glamour and are need of a professional photographer who does best in its genre.

A Story Teller

I have always been fond of storytelling and colours. Wedding photography, a genre gave me a chance to express my love for both in the right amount I wanted. The wedding has always fascinated me, I always love to look and be into the culture and I get a chance to be a part of it through wedding photography. The a most important aspect of a wedding is I can be a part of someone's memory in a very fond way.

fashion photographer

The Glamour scene in Darjeeling has always needed a platform and guide. I wanted to be a part of the experiment of the genre that has never been tried in a professional way. Learning everyday is a new way of life in this field.

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